FCC License Examinations: FREE Examinations will be held for all classes of Amateur Radio Licenses on Saturday Jan 20, 2018.   PROPOSED TIME 10:00 AM


License and Testing

Operation of an amateur radio station requires a license from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

There are three classes of license—Technician, General and Extra, with additional privileges accruing to each higher license class. Each class of license requires passing of an associated written license examination. There is no longer any requirement to demonstrate proficiency with Morse Code.

The FMARC sponsors regular FCC exam sessions for all license classes. Exams are conducted by a local team of Volunteer Examiners (VEs). In association with the Laurel VEC, the exams are subsidized and there is currently no charge for the exams offered in Lee County.

Regardless of the exam level attempted, every candidate should bring a government issued photo ID. Candidates currently holding an FCC amateur radio license should bring a copy of that license (even if it has expired). Candidates who will be attempting to earn their first license should bring their FCC Registration Number (FRN). Obtaining an FRN takes less than ten minutes and there is no charge for the FCC Registration. Visit the FCC web site to register at:
Please remember the ID and password you supplied to the FCC as you will need those to obtain your printed license later.

Register Today for Fort Myers FCC Exam

Registration for the exam session (not the same as FCC Registration) is appreciated but not required. To register for a specific session, please complete  the following registration form.

The FMARC VE team makes every effort to accommodate license candidates with physical disabilities. If you believe your exam session will require any special accommodation (e.g. a large print exam) please check the Special Accommodation Box.

Finally, all hams who pass their first license exam at one of the FMARC exam sessions will have their current year dues with the FMARC waived.

Remember to bring your photo ID, any CSCEs that you hold (and copies of them),  a photocopy of your current license if you are upgrading (and a copy of it), along with your lucky pencil and pen. We will provide NCVEC form 605.

The following URL is very helpful:           http://www.arrl.org/what-to-bring-to-an-exam-session

Testing fee: $0.  FREE !!!

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